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“Dr. Dhillon has helped me unlock my full potential. I began the journey with obesity, sleep apnea, insomnia and pre-hypertension. In just six months of comprehensive wellness care with Dr. Dhillon – I had reached optimal weight, muscle mass, sleep habits, blood pressure and stress management. Thank you, Dr. Dhillon, for giving me back 10 years of my life.”
John C., Inverness, Illinois


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A free body composition measurement (a $40 value) at your scheduled meeting with Dr. Dhillon.

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Are You Ready For A New Approach To Weight Loss?

Physicians Total Wellness is here to help. Carrying excess body fat can cut years off your life, depriving you of health and vitality, placing you at increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. When you’re ready to change who you are for the rest of your life, Physician Total Wellness is here.

Have You Failed On One Diet After Another?

Concern about weight is an issue that often brings patients to Physicians Total Wellness.  Although weight loss is a goal for many of our patients, we often find that they have gained and lost weight on many different plans.  They may have tried one diet after another or been seen at any number of weight loss centers.  Our goal is to be the last weight loss program that you will ever need and, if you follow the program we design for you, we think you’ll agree.

Are You Ready To Try A Comprehensive Approach?

Certainly, if you are considering surgical measures to address weight problems, you owe it to yourself to consider a comprehensive approach to weight management before committing yourself to a surgical option.  As the Mayo Clinic notes, “Gastric bypass and other weight-loss surgeries are done when diet and exercise haven’t worked or when you have serious health problems because of your weight.”  So if you’re thinking about surgery, please let Physicians Total Wellness offer you that integrated program of diet, exercise and much more that may make a potentially dangerous surgical intervention unnecesary for you.

It’s About More Than Just Weight Loss

Weight loss solutions at Physicians Total Wellness begin with an understanding that the problem is not weight.  The problem is actually the composition of those excess pounds.  Medical weight loss is about looking at yourself more deeply than just your weight.  It’s about checking your body composition.

You Can Attain Your Optimal Body Composition

At Physicians Total Wellness, we guide you on how to improve your body composition as you drop the dangerous disease-promoting pounds that have accumulated.

We do not do simple weigh-ins at your initial and follow-up visits.  As a program member, we track your muscle and fat mass as well as your fat distribution.  Body-composition analysis allows us to monitor and quide you in a way that general weight measurements simply will not allow.  At PTW we teach you to move from thinking about weight loss to thinking in terms of body composition management.  Then we help you reach your body composition goals.  The result is a weight that is appropriate to you as an individual and a body composition that promotes health and wellness.

Call Us Today To Explore The Possibilities!

As a medical weight loss center, Physicians Total Wellness provides you with a range of options to manage your body composition.  These include our Take Shape For Life structured meal program, supplemental support, vegetarian meal replacement options, individual and group dietary teaching, as well as options to participate in support groups conveniently located at our beautiful, inviting new PTW space in Schaumburg.
Please contact us to schedule your consultation and see what’s possible.  We look forward to working with you on your weight loss concerns and to helping you reach your body-composition goal.

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Thank you for your guidance in helping me uncover and discover parts of myself that I had no idea existed. The findings, so far, have made me a better person physically, mentally and emotionally. I look forward to . . .

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