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“Working through Physicians Total Wellness has increased my awareness of the habits and processes essential to a healthy and vibrant life throughout the life cycle. After working with the recommended program for the past four months, I feel years younger. I now enjoy increased strength and vitality, and feel deeply rested. I would recommend this process to anyone who wishes to reduce stress and increase vitality, for life.”      Anne C., Estes Park, CO


The Tools To Cope With Stress

Stress undermines our health in many ways, from inflammation to hormonal disturbances and from brain fog to loss of energy and vitality. Treating stress with medication may simply mask these symptoms of stress. It does not help you to resolve the causes of stress.

Possible Causes For Stress

The causes of stress are too many to number but may include:

  • The feeling of limitation brought on by a new medical diagnosis or a chronic condition
  • Declining levels of energy, progressively increasing fatigue, loss of competitive drive
  • Conflicting personal and professional goals
  • Physical limitations that may be compromising your ability to act at the level you choose
  • Tension with your partner as your relationship moves to a new phase in your life
  • Changing roles and expectations with children
  • Uncertainty of focus in your professional development and growth
  • Feeling spiritually lost, empty, unfulfilled or inconsistent
  • The sense of lacking control or power in your life
  • The sense of feeling time slip by and not being where you “should be” by now
  • Being placed in a new position of responsibility for which you do not feel prepared


We Help Restore A Sense Of Calm

At Physicians Total Wellness we work with you to construct an integrated approach to addressing the causes of stress in your life. From supplemental support to addressing physiologic needs to toxicity management, weight loss and hormone balance we do not ignore the physical elements that can contribute to your stress.

Your Situation Is Unique

But the cognitive and emotional considerations you face are equally unique to your situation. Resolving these causes of stress begins with identifying them and the situations that underlie their influence on you.

An Individualized Plan For You

Our goal is to work with you in tailoring an individualized action plan to use in addressing the causes of the stress that may be undermining your health and wellness. An important tool in this work is The Diamond Rule. Written by Dr. Bikram S. Dhillon and published in 2010, this is an exploration of the causes of dysfunction in our lives. More importantly, The Diamond Rule presents a structure that can be used to manage and resolve the causes of stress in our lives. It is available to you on its own website and we welcome you to explore the book on your own.

Physicians Total Wellness was founded by Dr. Bikram S. Dhillon to assist you in applying the principles of wellness to your life. We wish you health and wellness in your journey. And when you need a hand we are here to help you create your own action plan to address and manage the stress in your life as a part of your global wellness goals.

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Dr Dhillon, Thank you so much for giving me back my youth! I feel younger than I did when I was in my thirties. I just turned fifty and I have more energy and less stress than before.

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