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You Can Prevent Heart Disease

At Physicians Total Wellness, our goal is to help you prevent heart disease now and in the future.

If you already have heart disease, we are here to help you to reverse the blockage in your arteries. If you’ve already had a heart attack, our goal is to help you reduce your odds of having another one.

“When my cardiologist told me I came close to having a heart attack, I knew I had a lot of work to do. I just didn’t know how to do it. With high blood pressure, bad cholesterol numbers, a big weight problem and a growing medication list, I was overwhelmed. That changed when I was referred to Physicians Total Wellness. With Dr. Dhillon’s help, I’ve reached my goal weight, cut my cholesterol by a third and my blood pressure is back to normal, all without medicine! I’ve learned to manage my stress and my cardiologist say I’ve cut my heart risk dramatically. Thank you for taking me on and showing me what’s possible with the right tools, even if I don’t live in the neighborhood.”     Stan S., Toronto, Canada


Heart Disease Can Be Reversed

Decades of research have demonstrated that coronary artery disease can be reversed without surgery. If you have heart disease related to coronary artery disease or if you’ve had a heart attack or suffer from angina, there is actually a lot that you can do about it… and we can help.

We Help Your Cardiologist Help You

How do you accomplish the advice that your doctor gives you? How do you actually lose weight? How do you change your diet? Which diet is best for you as an individual? What supplements are right for you? How do each of these recommendations change over time? How do you implement the ever-increasing number of recommendations? Dr. Bikram Dhillon created Physicians Total Wellness to help you implement wellness practices in your life and we can help you answer these questions. Bikram Dhillon, MD is not a Cardiologist and he does not replace your Cardiologist or your Primary Care Physician. Dr. Dhillon can help your doctor or your Cardiologist take better care of you by integrating your wellness care with your medical care.

We Help Patients Reduce or Eliminate Their Medication Use

At Physicians Total Wellness, we have helped patients avoid the need for cholesterol-lowering medication and have allowed patients to reduce their cholesterol significantly without medication. We have been successful in removing patients from their cholesterol-lowering medication. We have helped patients to reduce and even to eliminate the need for medication to control their blood pressure and side effects they may carry.

At Physicians Total Wellness We Work for You, Not For Your Insurance Company

Since Physicians Total Wellness does not bill your insurance company, we are not limited to 15-minute appointments or quick solutions guided by a disease diagnosis. Our goal is to help you prevent disease and our integrative approach allows us to move between medical and alternative tools to help you do just that. We’re not looking for the quickest or easiest solution. We’re looking for the best solution for you as an individual.

We Have a Program That Fits You Right Now

Wherever you want to start, we’re ready to get going. The important thing is to start…

Weight Loss Wellness

Take the first step and start losing weight to decrease stress on your heart, reduce fat that may be contributing to heart disease, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, control your blood sugar and insulin levels and so much more. This program includes basic laboratory testing.

Focused Cardiac Wellness

We look more specifically at your individual risk factors (including hormonal, metabolic, and stress-related causes). Your 4-hour consultation will present you with individualized recommendations, personalized tools and defined follow-up to help you implement these wellness measures.

Comprehensive Wellness

A day-long consultation and structured program that includes hormone and genetic, as well as psychological and wellness testing. This program incorporates one-on-one stress-response management, wellness coaching, toxicity management and hormone replacement therapy as needed.

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Dr Dhillon, Thank you so much for giving me back my youth! I feel younger than I did when I was in my thirties. I just turned fifty and I have more energy and less stress than before.

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