Cancer Co-Care

“Having cancer changes things. It takes so much out of you and treating it takes so much out of you. Your complimentary cancer care made so much difference. I learned how to regain the nutrients I was losing and to get the immune support and supplemental support I needed to fight my cancer along with the chemotherapy from my oncologist. The stress management tools you shared with me helped and continue to help me to this day. Thank you Dr. Dhillon for your care and guidance.”      Nirmal D., Des Plaines, IL



The word itself is terrifying but there is more reason to hope than you might imagine.

You Are Not Alone

Hearing the word cancer spoken about yourself or a loved one can change your life in an instant, from thoughts of the future and anticipation to thoughts of decline and loss. Cancer can sound like a death sentence but it need not be so. Conventional cancer treatment, as overseen by your Oncologist has made vast strides in treating many cancers and prolonging life but, too often, something is missing. That something is Cancer Co-Care or complimentary care for those with cancer.

Another Tool In Your Fight Against Cancer

At Physicians Total Wellness, we wish to offer you and those you love this additional weapon in your fight against cancer. The interventions associated with Cancer Co-Care have been proven to work.

Integrative Therapy Has Been Proven To Work

In a recent study, patients with metastatic breast cancer who received interventions associated with complimentary cancer therapy nearly doubled their average length of survival over patients receiving conventional therapy alone. After five years, patients in this group were 33 percent more likely to be alive than those receiving conventional therapy alone.1 These were patients with metastatic disease. Whether your cancer is localized, relapsed or metastatic, there is hope and Cancer Co-Care can help.

Cancer Co-Care Can Improve Survival and Quality of Life

If a drug produced these results it might be hailed as a miracle drug. But this is not a drug. It is a powerful combination of integrative techniques. Cancer Co-Care can have a great impact on survival. It can also have a great impact on quality of life, both during cancer treatment and during remission from cancer.

Cancer Is Unlike Any Other Diagnosis

The challenges can be daunting but there is hope and Physicians Total Wellness is here to offer an Integrative approach to you. In your battle with cancer, you can give yourself the additional resources and tools available to fight cancer and to increase your odds of winning.

We Work To Support Your Doctor’s Efforts, Not To Replace Them

Medical care for cancer treatment grows stronger every day but conventional medical therapy can accomplish its goal more effectively with a healthy patient. We help you bring your strongest self to that challenge. Dr. Bikram Dhillon does not replace your Oncologist or your Primary Care Physician. Cancer Co-Care works alongside your conventional treatment to enhance your ability to be treated successfully and enjoy a longer, healthier life. When you need us, we are ready to help you in your fight.

1 Block, K. I., Gyllenhaal, C., Tripathy, D., Freels, S., Mead, M. N., Block, P. B., Steinmann, W. C., Newman, R. A. and Shoham, J. (2009), Survival Impact of Integrative Cancer Care in Advanced Metastatic Breast Cancer. The Breast Journal, 15: 357–366. doi: 10.1111/j.1524-4741.2009.00739.x

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