Dr. Bikram Dhillon

Change Your Health. Change Your Life!

Dr. Bikram Dhillon invites you to a new possibility.

You do not need to remain in a reactive pattern that leaves you fighting against one loss of ability after the other. You can be proactive and focus on all that you have to gain and regain. The choice is yours: Keep playing defense and avoid losing as long as you can or develop an offensive team and succeed in winning. It isn’t simple but the choice is yours.

As a board certified physician Dr. Dhillon seeks to bridge the gap between traditional medical care provided by your physician and preventive-aging approaches that have made such a dramatic difference in the lives of countless men and women. Dr. Dhillon’s focus on medical wellness begins with detailed testing in seven different areas and culminates in a proprietary wellness program tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Dr. Dhillon’s experience as a medical educator and military physician with over 25 years of practice in diverse settings led him to question the disease-focus model of the current medical system. Investigating opportunities for disease-prevention led him to understand that even this concept fell short. What was needed was the prospect of optimal wellness that encompasses prevention but goes well beyond that to include functional improvement and age-extension.

Dr. Dhillon founded Physicians Total Wellness in 2010 and opened the Physicians Total Wellness center at 808 E. Woodfield Road in Schaumburg, IL in 2011 to provide access to integrated medical wellness and preventive care for those who refuse to be bound by a sick care model. Dr. Dhillon believes that we are designed to live healthy, fulfilling and lengthy lives and that this can be realized by those who understand the need to be proactive in creating such lives for themselves. At the PTW center you’ll find the education, guidance and tools you need to live that life of optimal wellness.

As you face new health challenges and as the reserves of youth diminish, it is only by being proactive that you can take ownership of your health and wellness. Physicians Total Wellness was created to serve as your resource in achieving that goal. We’re your ally in your determination to maximize your health and well-being and we look forward to helping you reach that goal.

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"I didn't realize how much control I have over my own health. You helped me see the changes I could make and helped me make them. Thank you so much."

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